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Why Farquhar?


William Farquhar, the first British Resident of Singapore, played an instrumental role in Singapore's founding. Besides being the one to recommend Singapore to Sir Stamford Raffles as a potential site for establishing a trading port, he steadfastly stood his ground when other European powers and the Malay rulers tried to force the British to leave Singapore. Through a combination of local knowledge and political finesse, Farquhar managed to pacify the other European powers and Malay rulers with conflicting interests to maintain British's interest in Singapore. With no more than a small group of soldiers under his command and virtually no financial support from the East India Company, he painstakingly put in place business-friendly measures to encourage trade among traders from all corners of the world. At the end of his term as Resident, the entrepot of Singapore was thriving with the foundations firmly laid for its eventual development into a global metropolis. 


Farquhar's contributions to Singapore exemplify the following traits:


- Good local knowledge

- Affinity with different cultures and ways of life

- Ability to build rapport and collaborations across different interest groups

- Courage to innovate and seek creative solutions to achieve success

- Delivering results and successes to key stakeholders


At FVC, we are guided by the aforementioned traits and take great pride in identifying entrepreneurs with potential and facilitate their growth and development through the ecosystem that we have built up and will continue to enrich.

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